Sunday, October 31, 2010

I'm on my period

Howdy Space Rangers,
The word fuck would describe this week so far.
I've been a hectic mess and I can't help it even when I tried. My minds drained from school already, i feel hypnotic towards the end of the day, stuck in a trance where all i would do is sit in bed and listen to music whilst attempting to do homework. For some reason I was in a very low mood from Monday-Wednesday and now I'm a giddy heap; mood swings are a bitch I honestly don't know how people with vagina's handle their mood when its their time of the month. My mood fluctuates in school times a lot more cause of the stress and weather so that's why i didn't want to blog until i was relaxed and in a better mood.. instead of painting a dark painting of my life that people will look at and assume it's the norm. I'm a landmine, sometimes I break down so hard you can hear it, and when I can stand to come near it with means to repair, the chances of walking out unscathed are slim to none.

Anyways; seems to be my favorite word of the week. I've been reading a lot of books this week to increase my intellectual range and broaden my imagination as I have said before school kills my creativity. Chokes it like that hooker on the t.v. Its been a fucking stellar experience to buy the book that i cherished as a kid and made me get into writing stories. Needless to say I devoured it in a week and felt like a child again, only to be reverted back to the raunchy descriptive sex scenes in some of the new books for school i had to read. My hormones are raging. That has gotten me into trouble before. Juicy ain't it?
Next week is going to be fucking hot. Might skip a day of school.
One of my pet peeves -
People who randomly touch my hair or my hat. Call me OCD but if I have my hat or beanie or hairspray on my head chances are, I wanted it there and it should remain that way.
Okay I'm done confessing now and if there are any spelling or punctuation errors I was too lazy to proof read it.
Love x
Anthony I hate my last name, it sounds SO asian.
*tucks away my third leg*


  1. yeah i get ocd about touching too....
    Do I touch you randomly? NOOOO? Then get your fucking hands offa me.
    lol just chill, if they annoy you annoy them back

  2. Just listen to some pink noise and chill out. A couple of people I know in a similar situation said it works for them.