Friday, October 29, 2010

Unanimous quick rant

What up thugs? Oh I'm sorry, I! Thought you were...someone else.
Waiting for George to get out of the fucking shower so we can head out so what a better time now then to update the blog.
I don't have much to write about today but I do enjoy a good one sided conversation every now and then. Thanks for asking I'm alive and well and feel unconditional happy today, happy enough to be in a masturbation orgy..right now! Well apart from my insomnia, how there is never anything to eat in the fridge, bad weather, a bad hair day, ruining my new skinny jeans and a terrible headache...I still feel fucking great; no sarcasm.
Topic today shall start off by me stating and clarifying that I have some good friends. Without them I'd be a bit emo and more inquisitive but thanks to them we get hammered frequently and forget about everything. It has come to my attention that I think we decide on our friends by how high their tolerance levels are. Most of my friends have very high tolerance to my lame jokes, sexual innuendos and high level sarcasms and in turn I think I put up with my fair share of bullshit. It's like a cycle of tough loving but in the end it works and deep inside we all love each other awww. I'd like to extend my proverbial hand to all my good friends, especially the ones who I don't talk to as much but still greet me with a hug and a handjob. I know I don't always show it but I'm forever indebted to you guys.
I'm a terrible Arguer. I have no good comebacks because I always miss the timing and hate thinking on the spot. I'd be a terrible rapper. All my mind is capable of is pulling two swear words from nowhere and stringing them together.
I guess that makes me an unoriginal kind of guy; but whose original now a days, everyone has an idol they look up to. On that note I'd also like to mention my idol - without him I'd also be lost; his my inspiration for quite a few things. Hell, if i saw him I'd probably hump his leg. No, not really that is only if i saw Katy Perry. It's quite a conundrum that she's marrying a womanizer; I think it's time for me to give up on her, especially since she hasn't responded to my sexual advancements. It seems certain individuals need to stop looking for love in the wrong places. (You know who you are Mr...)
Well I cannot talk either.
I've found infatuations in the most terrible places.
It's not an easy thing to deal with.
Doesn't change the way I feel about them.
As long as I'm happy right?

I've got nothing much else to talk about today so I'm done for now plus I hear George finished jacking it off in the shower. Take from this what you will.

I see stars are a terribly underrated band.

Love you all,
Antonio Banderas


  1. I really don't know what's going on with this post. But I like it.

  2. hey i'm happy enough to be in a masturbation orgy right now too. WE HAVE SO MUCH IN COMMON LET'S GET MARRIED AND HAVE 4 KIDS