Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The First One.

The first times always the hardest.
Yes Sir.
So about me long story short;
Anthony; born in Adelaide on the 3rd of December 1992 and raised by a family of meerkats alongside Simba he now attends University Senior College and tackles the world wearing Skinny Jeans.
My life isn't complicated but my thoughts are. This is the place for you and even more for me to decipher it and unlock its mysteries, maybe at the same time unlocking secret levels and characters along the way. I do have to say my thoughts catch me off guard a lot because of the fact that it wanders daily not surprisingly that being of my worst traits; I space out a lot and have trouble concentrating. Trailing from the point I am a really stubborn kid even to the point where i refuse even if the bad outweighs the good. I am extremely sexy but far from perfect and have many flaws which i try to hide behind my sense of humor. My nature is to be impulsive. I aspire to be a successful author in the future so this blog also holds a place to hone my writing and creativity skills. I live for music and have a very biased mindset only listening to my 'type' of genre. Its funny cause barely any of my friends like my type of songs. I don't like taking photos and if your my friend you'd know that so this blog will be mostly filled with my boring words. I have a role model who i base myself on, and its become second nature to be like him, I'm not fake. Girls. I hate summer and love winter so we can meet halfway in autumn.
But anyways since I'm so awesome i won't digress anymore; have to aim for a sense of mystery.
Stay tuned.


  1. Hello there new friend
    I like yo stayyle <3

  2. You should post stories you've written if you've writtennnnnnnn any

    and, hi :)

  3. Write more man! Cant wait to hear from you! Keep it classy man and have fun. :D

  4. i hears ya man! nice to meet you

  5. Hello there,
    The how to thread was deleted, email me at rhymeswithsyphilis AT gmail DOT com if you'd like to stay in touch with some of us.
    Cheers : )
    (feel free to delete this comment)