Sunday, October 24, 2010

Year 12

Evening you cheeky little minxes,
One of many early morning wake ups happened today; and alot more is about to follow soon. I've got a lot of things on my plate now, the main course being year twelve. School. No more freedom, I now have a strict timetable to follow(a horrible one to say the least), and eventually each day will feel the same as last weeks one. The repetition of every day school life kills me. It chokes the flow of my creative juices. No joke. On school days I feel worn out and tired, suffering from sleep deprivation and dragging myself out of my fucking room to take a shower and go to school. Yet once the weekend comes I never feel tired or catch up on sleep. The only two days of freedom.
Why spend time on parole in seclusion. I'm already starting to feel transient. Topple this on with other normal life stresses I really don't see how my friends keep going on. But then again most of my friends aren't going to university. Their minds aren't as biased and closed as mine; they see Tafe ( or other options) sustainable.
That sounded selfish, here i go again. Don't misconstrue what I'm trying to say. I am sure Tafe is an excellent option; I would not be surprised if they end up making more money than me while i waste my life doing another four years of schooling.

Know this; these posts are meant to serve as a window into my world.
I like to write - not for anyone but myself - but here and there my thoughts will seem biased or asshole-ish and that's just because of my experiences I faced.

Had to clear that up. Back to the point I think my parents poisoned my head, if I don't go to university i will fail. Or maybe its just me being unsure of my talents and how far it could get me out in the real world. The classrooms feel safe for me. Maybe University is the only place for me where I have a decent chance to succeed. I hate that. Sometimes I wish I could broaden my mind you know, like drop out of school and join a band or become a world class dolphin trainer.
Maybe its just a phase right now that I see the negativity because school is starting again. Upside there are new hot girls and Ive got more frees which I can use studying. In realness I'm gonna spend it hanging around town.


Oh yeah, sorry about the dull looking page.
I cant be fucked making it look good. :)



  2. Year 12 is a bitch and a half, but see it out. Even if you decide to go to TAFE anyway, it's always good to have a back-up plan.
    Also, Year 12 actually becomes quite the blast.

  3. Need creative juices flowing?
    Try working out a little bit every day. I'm talking something quick and simple like 15 squats, 15 pushups, 20 situps every morning. Juices flow like water.

  4. remember dude, try to aim for happiness not perceived success. no point in being successful if you want to hang yourself

  5. I feel you there man. The normal drawl of everyday life is way too routine. Don't be intimidated by a university setting. Just meet people you can trust because they are all in the same boat too.

  6. Im so sorry to hear this :S
    Hopefully your life takes a turn for the best soon!